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M.T. Liggett

M.T. Liggett was raised in a four-room claim shack, one of seven kids growing up as a dryland tenant farmer. Myron Thomas Liggett was born on the 28th of December, 1930, along with his twin brother Byron Timothy. According to the doctor’s scales, the twins were the heaviest set of twins ever born – Byron weighed twelve pounds, and Myron eleven and three-fourths pounds. M.T. and his siblings were born at the onset of the depression, living through the dust bowl and hard times.

M.T. escaped the farm at 17 by enlisting in the Navy, serving aboard ships throughout the Pacific. His extensive travels took him to many shores and many beds, his youthful exploits described in graphic stories, his numerous fantastical affairs depicted in totems later in life. After his Navy service, he then went on to serve in the United States Air Force, retiring as a Master Sergeant in 1973.

He returned to Mullinville for good in the 1980s, settling not too far from the family’s original homestead. M.T.’s art career began in 1989 with a gargoyle to protect his livestock after finding out that one of his horses had been poisoned.

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